About the author…

The musings of a traveller on lifes’ meandering river…

Please enjoy these Roses from my garden…

“I am -Me.Myself.I” endeavours to pose questions and statements, some of which have no definitive answer. Reflections of a point in time, a way of life, or, perhaps, a hastily made decision and subsequent  ramifications. Nothing happens ny accident – everything for a reason…sunshine, laughter, tears, sadness.

Essentially, a story of my life, interwoven with stories enmeshed forever with mine…and the perplexing questions that I attempt to answer, sometimes late at night…how did any of this start? What brought me to this time and place…where am I going, has my journey changed? And maybe the most important question…am I still true to my purpose

“To thine own self be true…’ William Shakespheare….

because, I cannot be any less or more….

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