The Protagonist

Camellia – Volunteer. Please enjoy…

Well. That would be me.

I am the hero (and villan) in my own story of life. Just as you are with yours. I sometimes wish this were not the case, but it is true for all of us. We are all the main character in our own uniquely sculpted live movie plot are we not?

Everything that I am, for better or worse, also represents a bias. I see my ‘movie reel’ of life through my fantastic (or not so fantastic as the case may be), lenses on life. My lenses have, for most of my life been set to a lovely shade of pink… in fact you could say Rose coloured even. While I love the shade of rose, it has been my undoing on many occasions…because I just couldn’t see things clearly…damn glasses…

Sally is 156cm tall, that is to say, I’m short – well, relatively speaking anyway. Id like to say of slim build, but that would be a lie. I probably fall in the slightly overweight for height category.

Sally is an honest, average, working person. Sally is a nurse…in this chapter of her (my) life. However Sally has had many other iterations – on both a career and personal level.

Sally… Sally… Sally… what have you done with your life?

Have you always done as you should have? Are you perfect? Did you always do what your parents said you should… No. NO. no.

I wish I had done things differently sometimes…but never really for long. I wouldn’t be me, if I’d done things differently… if I followed the crowd. But…it sure would have been easier…

Camellia -‘Volunteer’, the first this year, please enjoy…

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