Just begin already…

How does anyone really begin…of course..the beginning is the most logical place to start…but…sigh…probably not the most entertaining…or even really the best place…so, let’s just start as we find ourselves..right where we are…

My name is Fred, Frank, Jane, and Jill..all of these and none.  I am anonymous. Truthfully, If the stars aligned, I could be you…and you could have been me…now, there’s a thought.   I have chosen not to give my name, so let’s make up one shall we… how about Sally. There arent to many Sallies’ around any more, (aoplogies if your name really is ‘Sally’ …Im not meaning to  imply that  youre all  ‘falling off the perch’ (or indeed have fallen..), but, let’s face it, the name  has long since gone out of vogue, relegated to ladies generally over the age of 50, it is well suited to I’m in my early 50’s.

I have chosen to be ‘Sally’ because even this small degree of separation affords me some protection. Being ‘Sally’ allows me to be ‘true’ to myself and authentic as I write. Some of which I will inevitably write may be personally painful…and so…Sally.

Why write? Why not!…and, I have always wanted to write a book – ‘sure as eggs’ no one has a story like mine…and I do love a good story, don’t you?

I’ve often asked myself a myriad of questions, mostly seeking to inform my present and possible future choices about direction. The choices are many, like, why is it the best choices, those with the possibility of the best character outcome, are always the hardest.. why is it always so easy to make the wrong choice, and so hard to make the right one? Why is it that the wrong decisions come with such perilous outcomes…even if you can’t see it happening at the time – the ‘ripple effect’. See… I told you…questions.

My main purpose for ‘chatting away like a two-bob watch’ is as a discourse between friends, over what has been, and what is – at present, but also to tell the tale of how things go, when they all go wrong – coloured with humour where appropriate, if somewhat black at times. I can be inappropriate on occasion, so there’s that too… that’s my poetic license, and after all, sometimes nothing makes a point like a good expletive.

If you’re expecting Sally to speak on fashion, fingernails, dating advice etc etc bla, bla, bla, be prepared to be disappointed. This is not to say that I keep myself in such a manner that the back end of a horse looks good by comparison, no, I’m Sally Average – no more, no less. I do look slightly better than a horses arse, though…. if I think about it…but of course that’s subjective isn’t it…and I’m highly biased…so what’s my opinion worth anyway?

Currently, my occupation is as a nurse…well, at least I am in this chapter of my life anyway. I have had quite a few chapters…they all make me smile, howl with laughter, cry and despair, not necessarily in that order. I’m sure we’ll get to all those chapters in time…

I am, in my estimation at least, a thouroughly boring individual. That is to say, probably like many people… eat, sleep work rinse, repeat. As an aside- I like the ‘rinse / repeat’ analogy… it always makes me think of shampooing hair….we digress). When not working, sleeping or eating, I look after my home and garden, young adult type people (formerly my children), and I do boring things that I find entertaining like sewing, embroidery and cooking for pleasure. Oh and I like to read, study / research – currently economics, and attempt to play chess…poorly. I am the antithesis of all things ‘party’ and ‘animal’, quite the introvert. There you are, try putting that lot on a datiing website and see how far you get…

What I will discuss are the hilarious, funny, scary, hard, and at times uncomfortable stories based on circumstances in my life, or people I have known, or do know, or are yet to meet, and interactions with them.

I honestly believe anything is possible, if you put your mind to it, and you persevere.

However, I also know first hand sometimes stuff is bad, real bad. I am very very real.

My hope is that for people that my story touches, if it achieves anything….it gives hope.

I also have learned that not everyone comes into the world with the same gifts, or the same tools…so dont judge, right!

Sometimes, in discussing what scares us the most…or by doing what we consider is the hardest thing to do, this ends up being the most rewarding option later down the line…only, we just can’t see it at the time., now we’re ready to begin…I wonder if anyone will read this…ever!…or if it will sit in some dust covered chip in the back of a huge enclave of storage drives..until time immemorial …mmm is that even a ‘thing?’ I suppose it doesn’t matter…at the very least, it will be cathartic for me, at best, humorous and quirky, I suspect as a read for anyone else. Here’s to you then, dear reader..kick back, tuck in…and enjoy…

‘Things will ALWAYS work out in the end, and if they haven’t worked out….it’s NOT the end’ I’m not sure who said this, someone smarter than me…but they are right….

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